SreeThrippayyaKshethraKshemaSamithy was formed in 1976. The chief objective of this organisation is to render selfless service to thewell being of the Temple. It has got a full time working office. Almost all the families in the locality are members in the Samithy as lifetime members. Members to the Director Board and Office bearers are elected periodically by voting among members present. There is also an advisory body to the samithy.The owner-representatives of this temple are the patrons of the Samithy. All developmental projects and activities at the temple are conceived, planned and executed by the Samithy. Over the years, Samithy has undertaken many such projects successfully. SreeParvathyKalyanaMandapam, the renovatedshrine of Lord Ayyappa, the eastern Nadappura, Dwajam etc. are the major projects taken up by the Samithy. The Samithy gives much emphasis to social service based on Sanathana Dharma.