The Uniqueness of the Temple:
'Swayambhoo' (Self-originated) trinity– Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara on a single platform (Peeta) in a single Sanctum Sanctorumis the uniqueness of the temple. The idols are in the form of Sivalingas. Lord Siva is in the middle. Brahma occupies on his right side and Vishnu on the left. The Sreekovilis guarded by two dwarapalas. The sculpture pattern indicates it is many centuries old. There are separate Sreekovilsfor Ganapathy. Goddess SreeParvathy is imaginedto be present behind lord Shiva. Lord Ayyappa is worshipped in another Sanctum Sanctorum on the outskirt of Chuttambalam. In theNorth East corner of'mathilakam', there are ‘Nagaraja’’ and Brahmarakshass’. There is another idol of ‘Vinayaka’ in the south-west corner.