The history of SreeThrippayyaThrimoorthi Temple goes back many centuries. Kerala is a land of Temples. In ancient times there were only 'Kav”s in this area. Big structures built as temples came into existence only later. Irinjalakuda was one among thecentresof cultural excellence called‘gramam’s in ancient Kerala. 64 such gramamsconstitute the present Kerala State. These gramams were owned, ruled and run by Kerala Brahmins called Namboodiris.Nagaramannu, Kavanad, Nandyarvally and Ponallur were the memberfamilies of the Irinjalakudagramam. This temple was under the collective ownership (Ooraima) of these four families. PonallurIllam is no more today. The first two were well known for their 'TantrikaVrithy' at that time. The representatives of these 'Ooraima families' are the present managers of ThrippayyaDevaswom. Withthe introduction of the Land Reforms Laws, the main source of income for the upkeep of the temple stopped coming in and this became a challenge to the existence of the temple. It paved the way for the setting up of an organisation called ThrippayyaKshethraKshemaSamithy.Representatives of the devoteesfrom all segments of the Hindu society, formed the Samithy. It came into existence in the year 1976.